Press Release
February 13, 2012

Sen. Loren Legarda's Explanation of Her Vote to Uphold the SC TRO
on CJ Corona's Dollar Accounts

Mr. President, it is my firm belief that the Senate has the sole jurisdiction over the Impeachment Trial. That we have no question. However, regarding the law covering foreign currency deposits, we must respect and implement the law, unless and until we amend it.

This action of the Senate, of the majority, does not at all give the Supreme Court jurisdiction over the Senate sitting as an Impeachment Court. We are simply following the law, which this institution created.

The law clearly states that only when the depositor allows the opening of the account, can it be opened. The respondent, through counsel, already committed to submit his FCDU account to the impeachment court, last week to the media and in the court today. Kung hindi po natin susundin ang batas na ginawa natin, paano po natin sasabihin sa iba na sundin ang ating mga batas, kung ang Senado na mismo ang lumalabag po nito?

Sa puntong ito, hindi po masusupil ang katotohanan dahil sinabi ng defense counsel na bubuksan nila ng kusa ang dollar account, and we take their commitment. Pinili ko pong sundin ang ating batas, at ang pagsunod po sa ating batas, hopefully ang magiging daan sa katotohanan.

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