Press Release
February 15, 2012


I reiterate the call for the Immediate passage of The Freedom of Information Bill

First, I would like to recognize the valuable contribution and the exemplary efforts of our private sector and non-governmental organization partners in advancing the call for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill.

It is the dedication of partners like the Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition to this cause which has kept the effort going despite the challenges which the passage of the Bill has had to face.

Second, let me reiterate my solidarity with this cause: let us speed up the passage of the Bill.

The passage of the FOI will respond to our society's aspiration for greater transparency in governance, and greater exercise of accountability among those who govern and hold taxpayer-paid positions in government.

Perhaps, nothing underscores the importance of that aspiration more than the ongoing Impeachment Trial.

During this process, I have pointed out time and again that our people want access to the truth; that to deny them that access is a betrayal of an important aspiration.

In clamoring for access to truth, our people have shown their stand that they have the right to know. And that the right to know is non-negotiable and cannot be frustrated by mere technicalities.

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