Press Release
February 18, 2012


The 2012 Gallery of the Seas painting competition set for February 18 is one of the series of events that will usher in Aurora's 33rd Foundation Day celebration on February 19.

"This annual painting competition is the perfect venue to show off the creative talent from all around Aurora. We hope these young artists can be mentored to help them develop their own unique styles and further promote local talent," said Angara.

The Gallery of the Seas was first conceptualized by the former Executive Director of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Cecile Guidote-Alvarez. The first competition was held in 2009 in the Senator's hometown of Baler, Aurora, as part of the 7th Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day Celebrations.

The first Gallery of the Seas competition also coincided with the celebration of Baler's 400th year anniversary. It has been held every year since as part of the town's celebration of its culture and arts. The finished pieces are prominently displayed around the Baler town proper and in establishments near Sabang Beach.

This year's contest is divided into two categories: the sail painting competition, with 16 teams of two decorating a triangular sail; and the surfboard painting competition with 24 participants each working on a wooden surfboard.

The contestants of the 2012 Gallery of the Seas painting competition will feature the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Aurora. Their works will be judged by the Dimalangat Artists group.

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