Press Release
February 27, 2012

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona

SP: In the same manner that they cannot subpoena our records, our internal records. We cannot subpoena their internal records. Pero ngayon, may mga items doon na chineck namin kung ano ang ibig sabihin non, nung Clerk of Court ng Supreme Court.

Q: Sir, na i-file na po ba 'yung comment ninyo or ipa-file pa lang po?

SP: Hindi. Sa Solicitor General 'yun.

On the Committee on Banks Hearing

Q: Sir, balikan ko lang 'yung hearing kanina ng Committee on Banks, masasabi niyo po ba 'yung sinabi niyo dati na PSBank is not the source of the leaked documents?

SP: Wala pa. We are still looking at it.

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