Press Release
February 29, 2012

Transcript of Interview with Sen. Pia S. Cayetano (SPSC)
On Contempt Ruling
Senate 2nd Floor Hallway

Q: Mam paano n'yo po pinakalma si Sen. Miriam?

SPSC: I assured her na 'kami na ho ang bahala' kasi we are offended as an impeachment court. So I wanted her to know that we will take care of it. So I asked her if it's okay with her I will just handle it and the whole Senate will back us up on her motion.

Q: Mam, tumaas ba ang blood pressure ni Sen. Miriam?

SPSC: Siguro it goes without saying, kasi kung malaman mo rin na ginaganun ka, kahit sino sigurong judge would be offended. That's why the Rules of Court are very specific na 'direct contempt' yun. Yung offensive behavior in front of the court.

Q: Anong tingin nyo sa ganung behavior? Sa ganung action ni Atty. Aguirre?

SPSC: It's very offensive, it is very contemptuous. And it is really a blatant example of what should never be done in a court room. I cannot imagine for the life of me that any lawyer would do that in a regular court, so why would you do that in an impeachment court?

Q: Mam yung sinasabing napapansin ng marami na madalas na tounge-lashing ni Sen. Santiago, paki-educate po yung mga taong hindi naman sanay sa mga courtroom. Normal ba yun?

SPSC: Well every judge has her own style. Senator Miriam is extremely intelligent, I'm not aware if any other senator-judge has the kind of trial experience that she has. So technically, kung merong may karapatang mag-lecture, sya na siguro yun. Not it's because Magna Cum Laude sya sa UP College of Law but because of her trial experience. So kung may nao-offend sa kanyang style, I think they have to learn how to deal with it because she is simply educating not just the parties, but also the public.

Q: She was never out of line, in your opinion?

SPSC: Well it's really a matter for the parties acknowledging that each senator-judge has the right to take the podium and to speak, and if they have any objections, you are free to leave the court, no one is forcing anyone to be a member of this court.

Q: Ano ang possible penalty kay Atty Aguirre?

SPSC: Siguro malaki yung discretion kasi ang binasa ko (at the trial) is just from the Rules of Court. Eh may suppletory effect lang yun, so sinabi dun, similar to the Regional Trial Court, I think 10 days ang sinabi doong imprisonment and then P2,000 fine, but that is for the Rules of Court for a regular trial po yun.

Q: Personally gusto nyo pa pong umabot sa imprisonment na 10 days?

SPSC: I haven't really given it much thought. I'm just glad that this incident is over and that the proper acknowledgement for the wrongful act done was made.

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