Press Release
March 7, 2012


Senator Edgardo J. Angara underscored the need for long overdue structural reforms in the Philippine government during a round table discussion held by the University of Asia and the Pacific's (UA&P) Center for Research and Communication earlier today.

"Most of our problems are rooted in our nation's existing political structure," said Angara, expressing his support for the movement trying to reform the current political system in the Philippines.

During the event's open forum, the veteran legislator explained that one of the major problems is the country's lack of an organized party system, which should serve as the training ground or school for politicians. He also agreed that the party list system should be abolished or reformed.

Angara stressed on the need for comprehensive, unified reforms, instead of a piecemeal approach that initiated by different groups.

"Before we start working on the details and mechanics, we must all agree first on the general principles of the changes we are seeking," he said.

The long-serving Senator recalled that when he served as Senate President from 1993-1995, he was asked by former President Fidel V. Ramos to help craft a legislative agenda for the government. He then led consultations and summits and came up with 13 legislative reform measures for the administration, including the BOT Law, the New Central Bank Act, and the E-VAT Law.

"The goal to overhaul our entire political structure is noble and admirable, but we must ensure that what we are seeking is achievable and within our power," said Angara.

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