Press Release
March 9, 2012


Senator Edgardo J. Angara and Ms Sonia Pinto Ner launched their latest collaboration, a book entitled Aurora Aragon Quezon, in time for the worldwide celebration of Women's Day. Aurora is a photobiography about the wife of President Manuel L. Quezon.

"Aurora was a woman ahead of her time," said Angara. "She lived a low-profile life, but her initiatives continue to impact us today. Among other things, she was the founder of the Philippine Red Cross, and an advocate of women's right to suffrage. We owe many of our current privileges and liberties to her determination and generosity. Sonia and I both agreed that it was high time that we write a book about her so that more people could discover the richness of her life and legacy."

The province of Aurora, from where Angara hails, was named after the former First Lady. Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo of the Province of Aurora also gave a brief message.

Aurora's last surviving daughter, Ms. Nini Quezon-Avanceña, and other members of the Quezon family were present at the launch.

The event was well attended by women leaders from various sectors--business, philanthropy, media, education, science, public service--whose undertakings mirror the values espoused by Aurora.

Tessie Sy-Coson, chairwoman of BDO, delivered the testimonial on the book.

In lieu of tokens, Narra and Molave trees were planted in the recently inaugurated Artists' Village in Dicasalarin, Baler, Aurora in honor of each guest.

Aurora is to companion book to Manuel Luis Quezon, launched in August of last year and also co-authored by Angara and Ner. This is the fourth book collaboration between the two authors.

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