Press Release
March 22, 2012

(2) Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Impeachment trial

Q: Sir, last day today po ano? And you're coming back again on May 7 na po?

SP: Yes.

Q: And then sir, after ng May 7 kaya na kaya 'yun sir na magka-verdict ng June?

SP: Ah, tatapusin namin before we go--before the adjournment in June.

Q: Bakit kailangang matapos before that?

SP: Bakit hindi? I know more or less how much time they need to present their evidence.

Q: Estimated time sir.

SP: I have given them one month. That was long already with 25 witnesses.

Q: Sir, paano 'yung rebuttal?

SP: Madali lang 'yung rebuttal. You just rebut. You do not present the entire case again.

Q: May break po muna a few days after you come out...

SP: No. We decide immediately. We've been hearing the case. We know already what the case is all about. Everyday we get and we hear the declaration of the witnesses. We have a record of the proceedings in the form of a journal. All we have to do is read those things and then, if you are attentive, at this point, you know what is going on.

Q: We can more or less reach June?

SP: May.

Q: Sir, anong gagawin nyo sa Holy Week? Pahinga lang sa Manila?

SP: I will be in the country, but I am going somewhere else in the country.

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