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March 29, 2012

Villar: Make job-hunting easier for new grads, waive government fees

Sen. Manny Villar has filed a bill in the Senate that will help fresh graduates look for a job without the additional burden of paying fees for documentary requirements.

Senate Bill No. 2968 or the Fresh Graduates Pre-Employment Assistance Act seeks to aid new graduates by waiving government fees and charges collected in connection with requirements for employment.

"Finding a job is very difficult with the limited opportunities out there. In effect, we are making it more difficult by imposing fees for clearances, IDs, certifications, among others," Villar said.

"By waiving these fees, we are also giving the family a break after paying for the costly tertiary education," the former Senate president said.

Under the bill, all government agencies, including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and local government units, are prevented from collecting fees from a person applying for license, proof of identification, clearance, certificate, or other document within one year after graduating from high school, college or any vocational or technical course.

To avail of the waiver, a citizen must submit to the agency concerned a copy of his or her diploma, certification or communication from the academic, vocational or technical institution attesting that such person has indeed successfully completed the course required.

The fees to be waived do not include those collected in connection with the granting of a professional license by the Professional Regulation Commission and with the granting of a Philippine passport.

Villar said the waiver of governmentt fees is a simple measure that intends not only to provide relief but also to show the state's commitment to promote the interest of the youth.

"The waiver of these fees must be taken not as a loss of revenue for the government, but as an investment in its emerging labor force," he said.

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