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April 8, 2012

Loren pays tribute to Angelo Castro: "He was a true friend, a kind person"

Senator Loren Legarda remembers her former co-anchor Angelo Castro Jr. as "a true friend. He's a very kind person and funny in his own way."

Castro, who succumbed to lung cancer on April 5, was a co-anchor of Legarda for the late evening news program The World Tonight in ABS-CBN since 1986 until she ran for the Senate in 1998.

"I extend my sympathies to Angelo's family, to June Keithley, to his children, to my inaanak, Diego, and to the ABS-CBN family as well," said Legarda.

"I love Angelo, we were a family, we were so close and he was so kind and even if he may be perceived differently by other people, but knowing him for 12 years day in and day out, he had a kind, kind heart."

The Senator also recalled how he was as a broadcaster and news director, "Angelo would head the news and he had a temper but it was a righteous temper because he wanted things right, he wanted scripts well-written, he wanted a good production and he wanted to excel."

Legarda explained that she was very, very sad and shocked that Castro had relapsed into an ailment again because the last time she spoke to him, Castro said he was healed already and was very fine.

"I did not realize that Angelo would go so soon. He would always say that he's fine. I never saw him down. I never saw him sad. I never saw him sick, although I felt that he was sick but he would not admit it to me."

"Angelo is an outstanding broadcaster, producer, anchor, who only seeks for excellence and perfection in his craft. He is a kind person. He has a sense of humor. He has his family as his priority. He speaks so kindly and lovingly of his family. He is a kind boss. He could be very tough as well. He was a true and genuine friend for 12 years that we were together. I love Angelo and I will miss him so," Legarda said.

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