Press Release
May 13, 2012


In the face of the forthcoming 2013 elections, formidable party Lakas ng Tao-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) will continue to be a critical partner in national development while seeking for the senatorial candidates that it will endorse.

This was assured by Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr, reinstalled president of the party and newly-elected chairman of its Council of Leaders, pointing out that Lakas-CMD does not act as a party with an opposing view but as actual partners in any administration's efforts to socio-economic development.

According to the senator, Lakas-CMD will maintain its ideals as partners in good governance. "Even when we are not the ruling party, LAKAS-CMD continues to pursue its advocacies, which is primarily to empower the Filipino people. We always act as partners of the government in nation-building,' he pointed out

LAKAS-CMD, which carries on its status as a party to reckon with in the Philippines' political arena, conducted last Friday its executive committee and national council meeting to further strengthen the organization and its ranks. During the well-attended meeting , Revilla was unanimously chosen as chairman of its newly-created Council of Leaders and was also given the blanket authority to name people to the council.

A resolution was also adopted during the assembly that reverted the original name of the party. "Kampi is no longer with Lakas-CMD. Since last year, Kampi is already NUP. Right now, our party is not seeking any coalition. But definitely we will endorse any senatorial candidate who we think would be of help to our country," explained Revilla, adding that they will soon visit its members around the country to consult them to determine the senatorial candidates that they want the party to support in 2013.

The lawmaker stressed that the recent meeting, which was attended by numerous congressmen, governors, mayors and other local officials, evidently puts to rest malicious claims that the party is politically dead. "Subok na ang LAKAS-CMD sa tibay. Pinanday na ito ng panahon. We have an irrefutable track record. "

He also expressed certainty that the party's endorsement of any senatorial candidate will translate into a minimum of four million votes. "We will go around the country to personally campaign for the senatorial candidates that LAKAS-CMD will support. Our backing is not verbal but actual. We will be side by side with them in the provinces," said Revilla, who is the number 1 senator in the 2011 elections, gathering 19, 414, 795 million votes which is far more than the votes got by President Benigno Aquino III.

Aside from its senate bets, Revilla also vowed that LAKAS-CMD will fully support its local candidates," We will join them not only in spirit. They will feel the presence of LAKAS-CMD in their campaign. We will make sure that they will win."

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