Press Release
May 14, 2012

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona

Q: Ano pong napag-usapan sa caucus, sir?

SP: Pinag-usapan namin 'yung I explained to the members of the Senate Impeachment Court the fact that I reduced the number of persons subpoenaed for today's hearing from 11 to five which included the Ombudsman, Walden Bello, Risa Hontiveros, Harvey Keh and Emmanuel Santos. So, that's one. Second, the possibility that there might be a request for the submission of memoranda by both sides, we will consider that at the proper time. Third, there is a request by the Ombudsman to testify first so I asked the position of the Impeachment Court and we have to ask the Defense their comment and then we will rule on the issue when we have to make the ruling and I was authorized to make the ruling. We also took up the case of Walden Bello who is abroad and we have no choice but to wait for him. If his testimony is no longer necessary, then that will depend upon the Defense if they will insist that he testifies. Finally, in the case of Risa Hontiveros, she was asking me about the purpose and extent of the testimony. That is beyond our capability to do as a court. That depends upon the Defense counsel who is going to present her.

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