Press Release
May 20, 2012

Trillanes bats for modernization and regulation of interior design industry

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV is batting for amendments to Republic Act No. 8534 in a bid to modernize and regulate the practice of interior design in the country.

Trillanes said that under his proposed Senate Bill No. 3139, the interior design industry will receive the boost it needs to make it more competitive globally and at par with international standards.

"The first Philippine Interior Design Act was put in place in 1998 in recognition of the growing number of professionals in the field of interior design in the country. It instituted policies and regulatory measures which sought to protect the interest of our Filipino interior designers," said Trillanes during his sponsorship speech.

Trillanes, however, lamented that with the advances in technology and swift development in the industry, "it is necessary for us to introduce changes which would modernize the practice of interior design in the country to make it at par with the international standards and to enhance the competitive edge of the Filipino interior designers."

SBN 3139, or to be known as the Philippine Interior Design Act of 2012, amends RA 8534 in order to update existing regulations on the registration, licensing and practice of interior design.

The proposed measure would protect the interest requiring local interior designers and enhance their competitive edge by mandatory professional education and upgrading the knowledge and skills of professional interior designers.

The young senator said only legitimate professionals will be allowed to practice the profession in the country. He added that the regulation involving special permits issued to foreign interior design professionals should be revisited to protect Filipino practitioners and the local industry.

"Many Filipino interior designers have attained international recognition and have been admitted to different international organizations because of their talent. Needless to state, there is an imperative necessity for us to maintain our edge in order for the Philippines to remain internationally competitive in the field of interior design," Trillanes explained.

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