Press Release
May 24, 2012

Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano
Manifestation During the 41st Day of the Impeachment Trial
of the Chief Justice

Cayetano clarified if the Defense would be presenting Documentary Evidence
to back Chief Justice Corona's Testimony

ASC: I just have a question to the defense. Good afternoon, Justice (Cuevas).

Defense Counsel Cuevas: Good afternoon.

ASC: Yesterday, the Chief Justice gave us a narrative as his testimony. Will the defense be submitting any evidence, documentary, or otherwise, to back-up the narrative yesterday?

For example, he told us about his collecting or his accumulating or saving dollars since the 1960s. Will you show us any bank accounts that will show us that, or anything that will back-up his story, so to speak?

Justice Cuevas: I do not think, Your Honor, please, that we will have to go to that extent. In other words, the testimony here yesterday will rely entirely on his credibility and the validity of his assertions.

ASC: Mr. President, I will not argue with that. The good defense counsel stated it very eloquently. We will then rely on his credibility. We will decide based on that. Because if he will be able to submit, or if the defense was able to submit documents, then we can tie up the testimony or narrative with some other form of evidence, and that would have been better for the court.

I will not argue, and I will accept the explanation of the defense.

Justice Cuevas: Thank you.

ASC: Thank you, Mr. President.

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