Press Release
June 1, 2012

Statement of Sen. Escudero

On a media report that the senator said Justice Carpio may face impeachment...

Let me correct the headline story on Manila Times today reporting that I am warning of an impending impeachment procedure anew if Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is appointed by the president as the new Chief Justice.

The report is baseless and I categorically deny the same.

Let me clarify and put in context the statements I have made from questions thrown at me as the senate representative to the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC).

The hunt for the next chief justice is an open season. The choice is open, including but not limited to the 14 justices, including Justice Antonio Carpio, to recommend to the president.

However, it has always been my view and hope that the next chief justice should come from a neutral ground, someone who is not identified with any partisan groups. That someone's utmost loyalty should be to the Constitution, not to anyone or anything. Any choices and actions for the country now should be a unifying, inclusive and progressive one. We just came from a highly divisive exercise and now that it is over, we need to move on and move forward.

It is time for us to extend our hands together not just to aspire for, but to work for and reach our full potential as a people and as a country.

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