Press Release
June 3, 2012


In support of the call for transparency and accountability of public officials, Lakas ng Tao-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) President Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. signed a waiver to fully disclose all his bank deposits, whether it is in peso or dollar account.

Under the waiver, the Ombudsman can immediately scrutinize the senator's local and foreign financial accounts anytime, even without prior consent. "All they (Office of the Ombudsman) have to do is inform the bank of their intention to examine my account. No ifs or buts," he said.

The lawmaker admitted that it never came to his mind to sign a waiver on his dollar account during the impeachment trial. "With due respect to my colleagues who mentioned in their explanatory statement that they are signing a waiver, my focus during the last days of the trial is what verdict I will render. As I said before, it is one of the toughest decisions of my life," Revilla explained.

According to Revilla, it was only after the impeachment trial that he considered signing a waiver. "After the trial, we appealed to our countrymen and fellow public servants to finally put the impeachment issue to rest and work together for the healing of the wounds of our past and re-strengthening of our institutions. It was only then when I realized that the waiver signing would be a right move forward for our country. We want to prove that we are sincere in our call," he said.

The senator expressed acclamation on the chief justice for signing a waiver. "For me, the unconditional waiver is not a challenge but an inspiration. Whatever the final outcome of the trial was, the signing of the waiver will be his greatest legacy. All public servants, appointed or elected, and regardless of position in government, must also do the same," said Revilla, adding that he will support any legislative proposal to oblige all public officials to bare all their bank accounts, even if it is a dollar account.

Revilla said he will submit his waiver to the Office of the Ombudsman and concerned banking institutions this week.

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