Press Release
June 18, 2012


Former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice, and former ex-oficio of the Judicial and Bar Council, Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, lauds the JBC's ruling allowing media access for the selection process of the next Chief Justice of the country.

"We congratulate the JBC for choosing transparency in selecting the next Chief Justice. We believe that this decision will lead to greater accountability and better governance of our courts. It's a step in the right direction towards reforming the Judiciary."

Pangilinan has been advocating for transparency in the selection and voting process for the next Chief Justice, calling for an amendment in JBC rules in order to allow media coverage of the proceedings despite the current rules saying otherwise.

"We've always said that if we want real change, we must be willing to dare and do things differently We believe that changing the process by which the court's leaders are selected may also change the kind of leader that will emerge from this process."

The lawyer-lawmaker also points out, "We saw in the impeachment trial how decisions of the judiciary can affect the lives and livelihood of our people. We have a lot at stake here, so it's important for the public to be equally aware of and involved in selecting the next Chief Justice, as is the JBC."

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