Press Release
June 26, 2012

Stamp Out Senseless Violence on Philippine Roads Through Road Rage Law

Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. posted a statement in his Facebook account yesterday, June 25, regarding a road rage incident that recently happened in Quezon City leaving two people, including an innocent student, with gun-shot wounds.

"The driver who fired the shots sped away. This is not the first time we hear of such incident and it won't be the last. The bill that I filed, Senate Bill No. 2923, also known as the Road Rage Law, aims to curb the occurrences of senseless violence on Philippine roads, and to instill discipline, control, and restraint among road users. More and more countries and states are recognizing this pernicious behavior on the road as alarming and having caused injury and deaths to millions over the years," Sen. Marcos stated.

Senator Marcos filed the Road Rage Law last July 28, 2011, and is now pending in the Committee on Public Order in the Senate for consideration. The proposed measure hopes to once and for all stamp road rage as an unnecessary and reprehensible evil, and define such as a circumstance that could aggravate, or even qualify, an offense occasioned by it.

"We hope to pass the bill the soonest so that such incidents can be minimized and our streets can be made safer after all. We ask all our motorists to observe courtesy among each other and keep heads 'cool'. Violence due to aggressive driving is senseless and can be avoided," he added.

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