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June 29, 2012



NAGA CITY, CEBU -- Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III on Friday championed the empowerment of barangay health workers as a move to strengthen the local and national health policy development throughout the country. Sen. Guingona supported the launch of VAL 2020 Health Program here spearheaded by Naga City Mayor Val Chiong which aims to uplift the standards and quality of health services in the locality. "Good health is one of the primary assets of development in the society. We cannot move forward if the basic necessities of our citizens are not met. It is my duty and responsibility as an elected national official to see to it that our kababayans are given primary health care and other basic services that government should provide for them," Sen. Guingona said. Sen. Guingona, who initiated various reform programs in the country, emphasized that good governance is the key in achieving better health programs and empowered health workers throughout the country. This initiative, he added, translates to better health services that would benefit the Filipinos, especially the poor and the marginalized. "As a lawmaker, it is my core legislative agenda to make good governance work in the country. Safe and efficient healthcare should not be a privilege of a few but a right of every Filipino. It is my goal to make every Filipinos have access to safe and effective healthcare services," he said.

The good governance advocate said that instead of wasting public funds on inefficient and meaningless activities, the government should refocus its resources to programs and projects that will ensure direct, immediate and substantial support for the poor and vulnerable.

Sen. Guingona said that he intends to push for the professionalization of barangay health workers through legislation and advocacy. This would be achieved by giving the BHWs proper compensation and relevant training.

BHWs are the direct and immediate health care providers of indigents in the local government units. They are allies of the national government to achieve the national health objectives of the administration.

Sen. Guingona is hoping that the example set by Naga City government in developing its health policies will be emulated in other localities throughout the country.

"I strongly believe that good governance is the fundamental solution to our country's ills. If we do not make appropriate reforms and transform the way the government is run, whatever actions that we take and whatever money we spend for services will simply go to waste," he said.

The good governance advocate added that what the country needs right now are leaders and champions committed to eradicate corruption and strengthen the capacity of institutions to make the right decisions.

"We can make good governance work in the government by providing solutions that would make right policies and right techniques, and keeping the plight of ordinary citizens in mind. I stand for effectiveness and efficiency of government programs to address the needs of our citizens," Sen. Guingona said.

Sen. Guingona partners with Ateneo School of Government (ASOG) and Kaya Natin! for pushing the public health policy development campaign. The campaign envisions for a strengthened national health policies that will support local health boards.

"Only through good governance that we can empower and transform our economic, political and social way of life," Sen. Guingona said.

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