Press Release
July 7, 2012


Senator Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan urges the Department of Education not to rush into its decision to move opening of classes to September, adding that the department should pilot test the proposal before a decision is made.

"The proposal to move class opening to September must be studied carefully, and we must not rush into it until we have empirical data to prove that moving it to September will indeed promote the welfare of our students. First of all, no less than PAGASA has said that the strongest and most destructive typhoons are now taking place in the 'ber' months--as in September, October, until December. Sendong happened in December while Ondoy happened in September. If we move classes to September, aren't we jumping from the pan into the fire?"

Pangilinan, who was former Chairman of the Committee on Education, also cautions the DEPED that the general welfare of students in the country might be compromised more should the opening of classes be moved to September.

"Moving the school opening to September would mean that classes will be conducted five times a week during the hottest months of the year. Can our children benefit more when they are made to suffer steaming, scorching heat everyday for two months in non-airconditioned classrooms? What do we prefer our children avoid, several days of typhoon weather a month during the typhoon season or unbearable heat everyday for two months? Will we be sparing our children from coughs and colds brought about by exposure to the rains only to have them suffer heat stroke and severe dehydration due to daily exposure to the summer heat? Clearly these questions must be answered first before we rush to a decision to change the school calendar. Hindi puwede yung padalos-dalos. Without pilot testing the proposal it would be unwise to push for any change at this time."

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