Press Release
July 9, 2012


Senator Edgardo J. Angara urged the government to speed up the improvements to the country's transportation network in the wake of the much-celebrated number one ranking of Boracay as the world's top island for travelers.

"This is yet another cue for us to quickly rehabilitate our international airports and island-to-island transportation system," Angara explained. "We must focus on making our travelers feel safe and comfortable while touring the country."

Boracay was recently named as the top island destination in the world, in the most recent edition of the popular, US-based Travel and Leisure magazine. Boracay beat out the perennial favorites in the World's Best Islands category such as Bali, Indonesia and Maui, Hawaii in the online survey answered by subscribers of the magazine.

"This proves that the Philippines has a chance in the global tourism scene--this survey shows that more and more people from different parts of the world are discovering the beauty and wonder of our country," said Angara.

Angara, a long-time champion of Philippine culture and history and author of the National Cultural Heritage Act, explains that this well-earned publicity for the island of Boracay would also turn the spotlight towards destinations in the country.

"Our country has so much to offer in terms of tourism: from breathtaking beaches and natural wonders to historical sites preserving important chapters in the story of the Philippines. We must seize this opportunity to show the world the uniquely Filipino experience," he said.

The veteran legislator also expressed his hope that this renewed attention on just one of our islands would boost cultural and eco-tourism for local travelers.

"Our local tourism industry is also gradually growing. Hopefully, more Filipinos develop an interest in discovering our own country before travelling abroad."

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