Press Release
July 12, 2012


Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III, PDP Laban President, today warned the public against impostors and syndicates using his name to solicit projects purportedly using the Priority Development Assistance Fund, otherwise known as pork barrel.

"I have not authorized anybody to solicit projects using PDAF money. I will not tolerate any attempt by unscrupulous individuals to trick the unsuspecting and the unwary into believing that I am using the PDAF for less than noble purposes," Pimentel said.

"Those approached by these impostors should report them to authorities for the filing of appropriate criminal cases," the senator said.

The senator emphasized that PDAF projects are aimed at eradicating poverty and ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are equitably distributed throughout the country.

Pimentel said PDAF funds should go only to basic infrastructure, school buildings, health, education and social welfare programs and projects that directly touch the lives of the people and make the government a meaningful presence in their daily lives.

"PDAF funds should be used only for projects that will truly benefit the people. I stand for complete transparency and accountability in the use of PDAF funds," Pimentel said.

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