Press Release
July 23, 2012


Statement on the SONA of President Benigno Aquino III

"It's an impressive account. The achievements are supported by statistics. But from there where do we go?

"One thing I was looking for was not stated expressly but was implied. After making up for all those shortages in classrooms, teachers, textbooks, implication by next year, we will move on to the next level which is the most important--graduating globally competitive Filipinos. Henceforth, until he steps down in 2016, we'll be producing globally competitive nurses, engineers, accountants that can be employed anywhere and will be recognized as full-pledged professionals.

"The other thing I thought was missing is what we'll we do with water. Water is connected to health, sanitation, nutrition, and food production. In the next decade, water will be as costly as energy.

"Overall I'm satisfied especially with the fact that in this time of global crisis, the vulnerable sectors of our population were able to cope because of safety nets put in place."

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