Press Release
July 27, 2012


Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan encourages the public to come out in the open should they have relevant information about the Chief Justice nominees that will be vital, whether for or against any nominee. According to the lawmaker, they will need to probe deeper into the credentials, track records, and decision-making experience of each of the nominees for Chief Justice, as some "tough questions" have not yet been asked during the JBC interviews.

"As long as we are allowing the public to participate in the proceedings, we encourage those who might know of any relevant information about any nominee that the JBC would not have known otherwise, to share this information," Pangilinan points out.

Pangilinan, a former ex-oficio of the JBC and former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice, earlier wrote the JBC suggesting the body ask difficult and probing questions to nominees. It was also through Pangilinan's efforts that the public was given access to the selection proceedings via media coverage.

"Thanks to media coverage of the interviews, we have raised the level of public discourse about the selection of Chief Justice, and we have gone beyond names and personalities," Pangilinan points out. "Now that we have learned difficult lessons from the recent impeachment trial, we must take these lessons to heart and be very careful in selecting the next Chief Justice."

The lawmaker continues, "We need a Chief Justice who can reform and restore faith in the institution--someone who can be independent and ensure the swift but fair dispensation of justice. Recent events have left the public disgruntled with the justice system. Therefore, what we need is a Chief Justice who can provide solutions to an ailing institution while showing the public that we can once more put faith in the wheels of justice."

"Although the decision is ultimately up to the President, due diligence on the part of the JBC as well as the public will help make the right and crucial choice," Pangilinan emphasizes.

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