Press Release
July 30, 2012

Transcript of ambush interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Malacañang meeting

Q: Sir, kamusta daw po 'yung meeting kanina with President?

SP: Very friendly, very cordial. The president had us and he maintained his position. Upon our request, he's asked that our proposal be studied by NEDA and the other stakeholders to determine the benefits to the country, which is fair.

Q: So, he did not reject it?

SP: Ha?

Q: He did not reject it outright naman, the proposal? SP: Hindi naman. Hindi nya... He did not... We have a fair kwan... we have a cordial and friendly exchange of views about it, but as far as I understood him, he maintained his present position, but he gave us a hearing and upon our request, agreed that it be submitted for study by the economic managers of the nation and that is proper in order to determine whether indeed there will be a benefit to the country if we do the exercise.

Q: Sir, may timeline po ba?

SP: Ah, siguro palagay ko, he also wants to finish it in the shortest possible time.

Q: Sir, you think pagka-review naman sir mako-convince naman po siya?

SP: Ah, hindi ko pa alam. Titingnan natin 'yun hija. 'Yung assumption mo eh, kwan na 'yun parang, I will render an opinion diba?

Q: So satisfied naman po kayo sa nagging meeting na 'yun?

SP: Oo, I was satisfied.

Q: Sir, how did you present your case to the President? How did you present your proposal?

SP: Most of the talking was done by the speaker. Ok?

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