Press Release
August 1, 2012


With the current efforts of the government to institute major economic reforms, the views of Dr. Tyler Cowen, regarded as one of the brightest economic minds, will be particularly timely when he speaks at the launch of the Angara Centre for Law and Economics on August 3, at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

Tyler Cowen, ranked by the Foreign Policy Magazine as one of the Most Influential Thinkers of 2011, will be leading the panel discussion on Globalization, Innovation and Economic Growth.

He holds the Holbert C. Harris Chair of Economics and the position of General Director of the Mercatus Center at the George Mason University in Washington. He earned his Ph.D in Economics from Harvard University.

Cowen has written numerous books, journal articles and reviews on economics and policy issues. One of his most popular e-books is "The Great Stagnation", which has garnered praise and generated intense discussion about the changing nature of the modern US economy.

Dubbed "foodie economist", Cowen writes on a variety of topics, from political philosophy and popular economics, to the economics of culture and ethnic dining in his column for the New York Times, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, and The Wilson Quarterly.

The Angara Centre aims to raise the standards of academic research and policy studies by tapping the growing ranks of internationally trained Filipino scholars and a network of international law and economics experts.

"The Angara Centre is a premier think tank that is Filipino at heart, global in outlook, grounded in research, and oriented toward innovation," Senator Edgardo J. Angara, in whose honor the Centre was created, said.

"Now is an auspicious time to launch the Centre. President Aquino is projecting a strong economic takeoff for the Philippines--and the Centre is in a position to contribute toward making growth sustainable," added the longest serving lawmaker in the post-EDSA Senate.

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