Press Release
August 1, 2012


SENATOR Chiz Escudero condemned the death of 22-year old San Beda College of Law freshman Andrei Marcos allegedly from hazing and demanded law enforcement agencies to immediately bring the suspects behind the gruesome crime to justice.

"Another senseless act of fraternity violence, another young life lost. It cannot be business as usual anymore. Law enforcers must get to the bottom of this heinous crime immediately and bring those responsible to justice soonest," Escudero said.

The senator pledged his all-out support for efforts to seek justice for Marcos.

Escudero chairs the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

In February this year, Marvin Reglos, also a law student at San Beda College, died from injuries sustained in an alleged hazing incident.

Reglos was a neophyte of the college's Lambda Rho Beta fraternity.

"It is clear that there should be stricter monitoring of fraternities, especially those that have a track record of excessive initiation violence. Hazing goes beyond the spirit of fraternal brotherhood, and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms," Escudero said.

The senator vowed to look into possible measures to address fraternity hazing including amendments to the Anti-Hazing Law and reviewing the budgets of state colleges and universities to see how the institutions can help curb such activities perpetrated by recognized fraternities.

"If we want to eradicate hazing, then there must be firmly established chains of command responsibility within the colleges and universities that host fraternities. There must be accountability," Escudero said.

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