Press Release
August 6, 2012

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the RH Bill

Q: Sir, ano 'yung impression niyo kanina kay NEDA Director Balisacan? He wasn't able to answer your questions directly or categorically ...

SP: Well, we'll give them time to digest it and we will continue asking questions.

Q: Pero basically, it does not change your stand, sir, on the RH Bill despite 'yung ngayon na may UN report ...

SP: My position in the RH Bill is personal to me. I'm not convincing anybody to join me. It's a matter of faith, conscience and above all, it involves my notion of what is in the highest interest of the country. So, that's it but I will not impose this on my colleagues here. I have not talked to any one of them. We are going to handle the problem without any obstacle or barrier. Let each one of us decide his position on this issue.

Q: Sir, but Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto is threatening to step down from his position as majority leader para all-out ang kanyang maging pagkontra sa RH Bill ...

SP: I cannot speak for him. There's no need for anybody to withdraw from his position. Of course, we are replaceable. Anytime I can be replaced as Senate President also but as far as I'm concerned, I want him to continue as majority floor leader.

Q: Bale he has your vote of confidence as far as being majority leader is concerned?

SP: Well, he's my majority leader. I have enough confidence in him to be objective about it but each one of us, we have individual perception and notion of what is good for the country so we respect each other's position.

Q: Pero sir, kung kukunsultahin kayo ni Senator Sotto, you will discourage him to resign as majority leader?

SP: Yes. There's no need for him to resign. We are not using our position to block anything or be a barrier to the passage of any measure here. Like any member of this Chamber, we want to exhaust all the issues possible in order to come up with the correct position, correct decision. On the JBC

Q: Sir, sa JBC, dinefer ang voting scheduled today para sa shortlist upon the request of Sen. Chiz Escudero kasi nga, dalawa na silang magpaparticipate kaya kelangan pang i-review ni Senator Chiz 'yung mga proceeding ...

SP: I'm not really current or involved in the JBC. I leave the representatives of the Congress to do their job there. On the disbarment case of De Lima

Q: Sir, how about on the decision of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to continue with the investigation of the disbarment case against De Lima ...

SP: That's their prerogative.

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