Press Release
August 8, 2012

Legarda: Build back better, resilient communities
 as country experiences 'New Norm' in weather

As post-disaster efforts are underway for communities affected by the southwest monsoon that brought incessant rains and flooded many areas in Metro Manila and Luzon, Senator Loren Legarda today reiterated her call to build better communities that would be resilient to natural hazards.

"The kind of weather we have experienced in the past days and weeks is part of the 'new norm.' This is climate change. And while we experience weather disturbances that bring stronger winds and heavier rains, we have to strengthen our efforts in preparing our communities. We need to recover and rebuild our lives with this in mind. We need to build back better, by further reducing people's vulnerability, by further building our resilience to floods," the Senator stressed.

Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change, explained that everyone should be involved in the effort to make the whole nation prepared against natural hazards.

The Senator explained that being prepared means undertaking activities that would prevent disasters. It includes, among others, the cleanup of drainage, waterways and riverbanks, segregating garbage, updating dam protocols, growing trees on vacant lots and roadsides, relocating urban settlers living in vulnerable areas, and setting up rainwater catchment basins so water is stored during rains and used during dry season.

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