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August 25, 2012

Legarda welcomes appointment of Justice Sereno as chief of SC

Senator Loren Legarda today welcomed the appointment of Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno as the new chief magistrate of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, stressing that her appointment, being the first female Chief Justice, is yet another milestone in the nation's history.

"I extend my congratulations to the new head of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. As the first female Chief Justice of the Philippines, CJ Sereno's appointment proves the maturity of our bureaucracy and our society in acknowledging the capability of Filipino women to be at the highest levels of leadership," Legarda stressed.

"CJ Sereno's humble beginnings, meanwhile, inspire Filipinos, especially aspiring lawyers, that the quest towards the achievement of one's goals comes with diligence, hard work, passion for learning and excellence, and the will to make fruitful contributions to the nation through one's field of expertise," she added.

The Senator noted CJ Sereno's accomplishments, which include being a legal counsellor at the World Trade Organizations' Appellate Body Secretariat in Geneva and being the only female member of the 1999 Preparatory Commission on Constitutional Reform. Sereno also wrote a paper on judicial reforms, which she did for the United Nations Development Program and was used as basis of a reform program of the SC in making justice accessible to the people.

"Now that the SC has its new head in the person of Chief Justice Sereno, we hope that she would lead the path in carrying out all the needed reforms in the Judiciary, with the support of the Executive and Legislative branches of government. We are hopeful that under her leadership, the SC will continue to uphold its independence and ensure justice for all," Legarda concluded.

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