Press Release
August 31, 2012


The Aurora Youth for Sports and Arts (AYOS-A) program, initiated by Senator Edgardo J. Angara, successfully held its first Leadership Training Seminar recently.

Sixty-five participants, composed of both students and teachers from all over the province of Aurora, took part in this two-day workshop. A member of the National Youth Commission conducted lectures and activities promoting leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving for the participants.

"This is a good chance for you to learn good leadership practices, and pass it on to those you will lead in the future. We hope that through this workshop you will be inspired to give back to your community by doing your job well, and serving those who gave you their trust," said Angara in a message during the event's culminating program.

This Leadership Training Seminar is the sixth installment of the AYOS-A program which started in 2009. AYOS-A programs bring together hundreds of students from elementary and high school to participate in different arts and sports workshops over the course of three days, culminating in a special program to show off their talents and skills.

A parallel program held at the same time was an arts workshop for 25 children from the indigenous Ilonggot tribe of the province, during which they were taught basic techniques and art history.

Ver Cuizon of the Kunst Art Gallery headed the workshop in partnership with the Dimalangat Arts Community led by Vincent Christopher Gonzales. Renowned Filipino visual artist Aris Bagtas, a former vice-president of the Arts Association of the Philippines, was also a guest trainor.

According to Angara, chair of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, these types of activities are very important in developing rural communities because in addition to the training given to the children, they also help build strong ties between the different participating towns.

"These workshops and seminars, whether for sports, arts or leadership training, help mold the youth into responsible members of the community. This is about investing in our future by investing in our youth," he said.

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