Press Release
September 19, 2012

Cayetano stood up on a point of order and suggested that matters of national security not be divulged

*While Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile was about to interpellate Sen. Sonny Trillanes' Privilege Speech, Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano issued a manifestation on a point of order saying:

Senator Alan Peter S. Cayetano (ASC): Just as a point of order: Senator Trillanes had the floor and he refuses to answer more questions. So the Senate President has all the right to continue to speak if he rises on a point of personal privilege.

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE): Then I will rise on personal privilege.

ASC: Yes, Mr. President. My apologies, sir. I would just like to mention that I am sad that this discussion is taking place and I understand the sensibilities. But may I just put on record or ask the Senate President that if some of these things we are discussing now are matters of national security...Although I deeply regret and understand the sensitivities...

JPE: I have been in charge of national security in this country... I know what I'm talking about.

ASC: Yes, Mr. President. I'm just saying that since we are entering an emotional phase of the discussion...

JPE: ... I am not emotional. The truth must be told.

ASC: Anyway, Mr. President, no one can stop a senator from standing up and saying what he wants to say.

JPE: ... If someone starts a fight with me, I will take you on...

ASC: Yes, Mr. President. I am not objecting now because he has the right to take the floor in his own time now. I am just issuing a very humble reminder that if it is an executive session then this was told in confidence.

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