Press Release
September 20, 2012


On the death anniversary of celebrated activist Leandro "Lean" Alejandro, Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan said that the country could use more leaders in Lean's mold.

"Lean was selfless, dedicated, brilliant, and was willing to make--and, in fact, did make--the supreme sacrifice for what he believed in," Pangilinan shared.

Pangilinan, who was also a student activist alongside Alejandro during the Martial Law years, added that Lean's advocacy of social transformation would fit well with the country's thrust for good governance and economic progress.

"Ipinaglaban at isinabuhay ni Lean ang 'tuwid na daan' bago pa man ito naging 'buzz word.' Kung nabubuhay siya ngayon, isa siya sa mga magtataguyod nito," the lawmaker said.

Pangilinan added that Lean had also practiced "tsinelas leadership" decades before it became a popular phrase following the death of Interior Secretary Jesse M. Robredo.

"Lean would go around the campus in slippers. He was a man of the masses and took up the cudgels for the poor, the marginalized, and the disempowered."

Alejandro was generally acknowledged as the face of the anti-dictatorship movement. After the restoration of democracy, he had started to embark on a career in mainstream politics when he ran for congress in 1987. However, Alejandro was killed by an unknown assassin on September 19, 1987, cutting short what could have been a successful career in politics.

Pangilinan added, "He would have been in his 50's by now. He would have been truly great in instituting genuine reforms in government had he lived to continue his political career. We are now starting to see the fruits of those who have tirelessly labored and fought hard against tyranny and status quo that have long crippled our nation."

"The country would do well to remember and honor unheralded heroes such as Lean. Theirs is the foundation upon which we are now rebuilding our nation."

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