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October 4, 2012

Cayetano: LP-NP-NPC coalition was organized based on a common reform vision, solidly grounded in good governance

Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano stressed that the Liberal Party-Nationalist People's Coalition-Nacionalista Party (LP-NPC-NP) coalition was organized based on a common reform vision, solidly grounded in good governance.

"This is a marriage of ideas, vision and of commitment to continued change. This is certainly not a coalition for political convenience," he said.

The senator explained that he and the other members of the NP were comfortable with the coalition because of the action they've seen on the administration's part in the areas of good governance, transparency and accountability.

"Both the NP and the LP have moved for vital legislation grounded on the principles of transparency, accountability, and social reforms. Based on that, we think that this coalition is the pragmatic and realistic thing to do," he said.

He said that one of the NP's purposes for joining the coalition was to balance the role of being fiscalizers with their desire to join in making policies and implementing programs.

"They are the ones in the administration, not us. They are in power and have the capacity to implement well-meaning reforms. We have ideas and policies that we have always wanted to push. Given that we have shared principles, we realized that this coalition will work based on these," he said.

The minority leader also pointed out that it is due to these shared vision and principles of coalition that he is willing to run against former Senator Jamby Madrigal who he was known to have had a strained relationship with in the past.

"While I may feel a bit of discomfort, I'll do my best to work with her for the good of the coalition. For me, less importance should be placed on individual personalities. A coalition is a joining of ideas and principles, not personalities," he said.

Cayetano stated that the coalition is now focused on working out the details of their specific plans of action aligned with their shared principles and grounded on a solid vision of reforming the country.

"The challenge for us now is to further strengthen the founding principles of our coalition and to translate everything into vital legislation and executive action. We will articulate this in the weeks ahead," he said.

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