Press Release
October 7, 2012


The signing of the framework agreement between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is a vital step forward to our shared goal of achieving just and lasting peace in Mindanao.

As the Chair of the Senate Committee on Peace and Unification, I laud the GPH and MILF, and the third party institutions involved in the development and finalization of the framework agreement. I believe that with this framework as a clear guide, the Philippines is a step closer to a final and comprehensive peace agreement that would benefit the people of Mindanao and the entire nation. I look forward to an agreement that will be one of the strong foundations for sustainable peace, and economic and social development to Mindanao and the entire nation.

With great emphasis on public participation and consultations, I believe that this framework agreement is an opportunity for each citizen to contribute to a peace agreement that addresses the legitimate grievances and claims of the Bangsamoro people, the sentiments of other stakeholders on the ground, and the dream of each Filipino of a progressive, united and peaceful nation.

In my capacity as Chair of the Senate Committee on Peace and Unification, I will ensure that insights presented before my Committee will also be heard by the proper persons and institutions through a transparent, accountable, and participative process. I join the efforts of many in ensuring that the process and the results of the peace negotiations are understood by the Filipino people: because this is an agreement for the entire nation.

Allow me to emphasize that for the good of this nation, the final peace agreement should be an agreement of, between, and among fellow Filipinos.

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