Press Release
October 9, 2012

Transcript of Ambush interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Cybercrime Prevention Law

Q Reaction lang po ninyo na na-TRO yung cybercrime law?

SP We will respect the Supreme Court, probably to give them time to study it.

Q Is it the best decision for now?

SP The TRO is only a temporary restraining order not to enforce it yet until the Supreme Court can really look at the issue involved. That means that they want to study it very well, so we have to respect the Supreme Court.

Q Yung mga amendatory bills, wala muna for now?

SP That does not stop us from amending it if there is a necessity. In my case, I would suggest that we wait for the Supreme Court to make a decision so that we will know what defects that they want us to correct. We are not infallible people.

Q Hindi naman ma-strike down yung buong batas po? Only some provisions?

SP Normally the Supreme Court will not, unless it is very palpable in violating the Constitution. They will only strike down the portions that are unconstitutional.

On calls for a case to be filed against JPE regarding the Brady notes.

SP Okay sa akin. I am ready, I will disclose it even to the public. There is nothing that pertains to national security about that. My God, if somebody is working inimically against the interest of the Republic, it is my duty as a Filipino, and your (media's) duty to bring it out. I am sure that the Ombudsman will know that. You are like throwing a fish into the water, I will meet them. I will welcome them.

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