Press Release
October 10, 2012


Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan urged the Philippine government to continue talks with the Communist Party Philippines and its armed forces, the New People's Army.

"We urge the government peace panel to ride on the momentum it gained with its peace pact with the MILF and initiate the resumption of talks with the CPP-NPA."

"We should keep pushing until we achieve peace on all fronts," the lawmaker said. "Our people deserve no less."

Pangilinan credited the Aquino government's track record of upholding good governance and the President's popularity with the masses as key factors in the government panel's securing a new peace pact with the MILF. He believes the government should use the same leverage in resuming talks with the CPP-NPA.

"Not since the Ramos administration has the possibility of total peace been within reach. Back then, the country was enjoying international recognition as an emerging tiger in Asia. The same thing is happening now under the Aquino administration. PNoy has four more years as President. Should the government under his leadership make a breakthrough with the MILF and the CPP-NPA within the next year, it would be enough for countrywide economic progress to start manifesting itself."

Pangilinan added, "Poverty is the number one reason for social unrest. But poverty cannot be addressed as long as there is war anywhere in the country. 'Ang sakit ng kalingkingan ay sakit ng buong katawan', they say. And we have been ailing for decades. It is about time we put a stop to this war and move ahead towards prosperity as one nation. Let's do this for the future generation of Filipinos."

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