Press Release
November 2, 2012

Legarda: Climate Change Will Define the Political Future
 of the World's Greatest Leaders

Senator Loren Legarda, United Nations Regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation for Asia-Pacific, today renewed her call for world leaders to take on bold and decisive actions to combat climate change, stressing that climate change has become a humanitarian challenge that will define the political future of the world's greatest leaders.

"As I have always said many years ago, climate change is the greatest development and humanitarian challenge of our times. It has become a defining political issue too in America, especially with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsing President Obama because of the steps he has taken to address climate change and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie commending President Obama's actions during Superstorm Sandy's wrath," Legarda said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg cited President Obama's efforts in pushing for regulations that will cut down emissions from cars and power plants. Meanwhile, Governor Christie expressed appreciation to President Obama and the Federal Emergency Management Agency officials for working in close coordination with the State government during the disaster.

"Even in the Philippines, climate change is a defining political issue because it means livelihood, jobs, homes, and our very survival," Legarda added.

"World leaders must not allow people to continuously suffer from floods, hunger, displacement, and economic setbacks. This is "disaster risk reduction politics". The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy presents an opportunity to remind world leaders of their great responsibility to lead people out of the crises and uncertainties brought about by unsustainable development, worsening disasters and climate change," Legarda concluded.

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