Press Release
November 4, 2012


As chairman of the Congressional Oversight Committee on the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (COCCAAP), I am very disappointed on the reports that CAAP has flunked in the recent evaluation conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) thereby retaining us in the Category 2 status. However, this was no big surprise to the committee. We already warned CAAP officials numerous times about this in our en banc meetings. I even expressed this apprehension before the Senate took a break through Senate Joint Resolution no. 18 which I sponsored for approval. The resolution seeks to extend the existence of the Congressional Oversight Committee on Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for another five (5) years to continue its mandate as monitoring body of the proper implementation of Republic Act 9497, the law that created CAAP.

After more than four years and four replacements of the Director General in the Office of the CAAP since the enactment of RA 9497, it is with great dismay to conclude that the agency is still far from reaching its goal. Notwithstanding the failure to replace the dilapidated navigational and landing equipment, being downgraded anew is quite expected considering the several changes of CAAP leadership which resulted to unsustainability of action plan to address the significant safety concerns raised by ICAO. Along with the extension of existence of COCCAAP, I also firmly believe that continuity of leadership in CAAP is also vital in attaining the global standards in civil aviation.

CAAP officials must put their acts together. Ilang taon ang nasayang para makabalik tayo sa Category 1. Kung bibiigyan pa ng pagkakataon, huwag na silang magdagdag pa ng taon na sasayangin. Hindi rin dapat masayang ang pagpapatibay sa RA 9497. Dapat makamit ang layunin sa pagsasabatas nito.

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