Press Release
November 6, 2012

Transcript: Ambush Interview of Senator Franklin M. Drilon

On the Sin Tax Bill

We will explain to them what the amendments are, the revision that we are going to make on the committee report so that will save us time instead of standing here and explaining everything. It will save us time. So, what are the rates we are proposing, why are we proposing this? So that will save us time instead of explaining everything on the floor. But that does not prevent any senator from standing on the floor and putting certain statements on the record.

We will present a substitute bill which, in effect, will amend the Committee on Ways and Means version, so there is no line up yet of interpellators.

(Q: Is is the first time the bill will be brought to the floor) Yes. I will have a short sponsorship speech before I introduce the amendments.

(Q: Hindi na kailangan yung request ni Senator Recto na tanggaling yung signature niya sa bill) I do not know what you are talking about. He can always manifest on the record that he is withdrawing his bill; but the bill that is on the record, that is a committee bill. He can say that he is withdrawing his signature from the committee bill; that is his privilege.

(Q: Assured ka, Sir, na hindi siya magiging obstacle sa approval ng sin tax?) I have to commend him for that position because he puts national interest above personal thick.

The requirement of the health sector is P77 billion. What is in the budget is only P54 billion. So, we have to generate at least P24 billion more in order to address the need of the health sector.

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