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November 11, 2012

Trillanes presses for passage of Estrada's 'Kasambahay' bill

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV openly declared support for fellow Senator Jinggoy Estrada's call for the approval of the latter's "Kasambahay" (house helper) bill in order to provide immediate protection to domestic workers in the country.

"I fully support Senator Jinggoy Estrada in his advocacy to protect the rights of, and provide more benefits and better treatment for our kasambahays. If enacted into law, this landmark legislation will be a giant leap toward our country's compliance with international labor standards which guarantee rights and humane treatment of domestic workers wherever situated," Trillanes said.

According to Trillanes, the Philippines, which has always been in the forefront in promoting the rights of domestic workers in the international community, must do its own homework and ensure humane treatment to Filipino domestic workers in the country.

"Millions of our kababayans abroad working as domestic workers have already secured better treatment in some countries due to government pressure and diplomatic efforts. It is an imperative that we walk the talk and afford the same - if not better - kind of protection, rights and benefits to our own kababayan serving within the country," the young senator added.

Both chambers of Congress have yet to agree on the final version of the Kasambahay bill, which aims to institute a regulatory framework and various mechanisms to ensure compliance with labor law standards in the employment of domestic workers in the country.

The bill, if passed, will provide regulations governing the salary, employment contracts, work schedule, health and other benefits of domestic workers employed in the country.

"These kasambahay who make our lives easier and more comfortable should be given the opportunity to improve their own lives and be afforded due respect and appreciation," Trillanes said.

Fast-tracking the proposed legislation augurs well for the Philippines after the Senate has ratified the International Labor Organization Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers on 6 August 2012, he said.

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