Press Release
November 28, 2012

"Cayetano on government's goal for Education Sector: K12 is only one method of basic education enhancement"

I don't think that with the present resources and the present timeframe it's possible to have those extra years. I think there has to be either a delay in the implementation, longer timeframe or a different model that we'll use.

If we insist on the K12 as it is now then there will be more dropouts and the quality of education for the whole education cycle will be affected.

The question right now is: Yes, we want the P50-60 billion additional to our budget but where do we want it to go? Do we want to focus it on certain projects and grade levels or do we want it to be just a shotgun approach?

Reporter: So anong tingin niyo po?

I think that there's growing support. Many people think that it's a done deal and that they won't be able to do anything about it. But I've been going around talking to teachers' associations, parents and even private schools and also consulting. Everyone is for Basic Education enhancement. But that's different from K12. K12 is only one method of basic education enhancement.

It's only one model. For example, yesterday I was in a meeting with public school teachers in Pangasinan. Two weeks ago I was in Pampanga with some teachers' groups. Last week, I was in talks with private schools models. So what are the other models that we can use? I think the alternatives have not yet been fully explored.

Reporter: Diba sir, other senators are pushing for the measure to become a law?

Yes but that's assuming that everyone supports it. That's why I'm insisting on an interpellation that will address these issues one by one.

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