Press Release
December 12, 2012


Senator Edgardo J. Angara underscored the need for more government programs that promote healthy and quality living when he re recently spoke at the Healthy Lifestyle Exemplars Awards night.

Leaders and pioneers in the health and medical industry were honored during the awards night, held as part of Health and Lifestyle Magazine's 10th anniversary celebration.

"Both my mother and my father were nurses. Growing up in a small town like Baler where they were the only health workers for miles around, I gradually learned how much was lacking then in government support to medical needs especially in the rural areas," he recalled.

"Being raised in a family of medical professionals has taught me the value of a healthy lifestyle, and inspired me as a lawmaker to create meaningful legislation in this area."

Angara authored landmark health laws such as the National Health Insurance Law, better known as PhilHealth, some twenty years ago.

Through Telehealth, an ongoing project in the Senator's hometown in Aurora, patients capitalize on Internet and mobile phone connectivity to consult with doctors in major hospitals.

And, through a digital database of records, doctors and healthcare providers will have access to vital information using smartphones and other handheld gadgets while conducting patient visits.

In 2011 the veteran lawmaker started the Oh My Gulay! campaign, an initiative that teaches children to eat fruits and vegetables they themselves planted and grew in school.

Angara is also working to establish the Philippine Institute for Ageing under the University of Philippines Manila, which will be geared towards the well-being and continued productivity of the elderly.

"I do what I can to ensure that our people--our greatest renewable resource--are healthy and productive and able to contribute to our nation's competitiveness," he concluded.

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