Press Release
December 17, 2012


Senator Chiz Escudero today voted yes to the highly-contentious Reproductive Health bill, saying he wants "each and every newborn Filipino to be a given fair and equal chance to uplift and improve their lives."

The senator, in explaining his vote, noted that "saying yes to the passing of the RH Bill does not make one corrupt or evil," rejecting accusations from anti-RH advocates.

"Those who are at the opposite ends of the bill both have good intentions for the country and our people, it's just that we differ in the way we want it happen," he said.

Escudero, chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, maintained his position that he does not condone pre-marital sex and abortion.

"As a father, I will work hard to ensure that I teach them the right values in life and with the RH Bill, to arm them with knowledge so they can ably decide for themselves," the senator said.

"I vote yes to this measure because it is my firm belief that its benefits cut across demography, gender, and age."

The senator said that after this deliberation, both sides that have been divided by the issue should accept the results and join hands in reconciliation, specifically mentioning the church and the government.

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