Press Release
December 17, 2012

Explanation of Vote of Senator Teofisto Guingona III on RH Bill

I vote for the Reproductive Health Act because of two principles valued by the Filipino people whom I represent:

First principle: I believe that our people wish to exercise their right to plan their families according to their aspirations and beliefs.

To give them the right to choose what is best for their families. To give them the correct information and access to the right medical means that will promote responsible parenthood and protect the reproductive health of every person.

If someone in this country cannot afford to access information and medical means for their own reproductive health and their desire to be responsible parents, it is only right for the State to ensure that they be given access. This is the essence of meaningful choices. This is the essence of the bill before us.

Second principle: I believe and vote to defend the right of every woman, every mother, every wife, to control her body and make meaningful choices for her future and the future of her family.

With correct information and access to the right tools, I know that the Filipino people will use this bill for the benefit of their families. For their future. For the present. For everything that matters most to every Filipino. This bill is about meaningful choices based on our dreams and our faith.

I vote to defend the Filipino's right to make meaningful and responsible choices.

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