Press Release
December 19, 2012

(Sponsorship Speech of Sen. Aquilino "Koko" Martin L. Pimentel III, 17 December 2012)

Mr. President, as Chairman of the Committee on Games and Amusement, this representation humbly submits before this august Chamber for consideration Senate Bill No. 3373 under Committee Report No. 535, titled "An Act Creating the Amusement Industry Safety Board Thereby Strengthening the Amusement Parks and Rides Industry."

Preliminary Statement

Our people are fond of visiting amusement parks for leisure and recreation. These parks usually include a collection of rides that caters to adults, teenagers, and children.

However, there is no single government agency which is primarily tasked to oversee and regulate the operation of amusement parks. Furthermore, there are no specific standards that ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the rides in these amusement parks. Although the Local Government Units (LGUs) have the authority to issue permits for amusement parks to operate, LGUs more often than not do not regulate these establishments to ensure that the rides comply with the highest safety standards.

In recognition of the urgent need to protect the general public, especially the youth, who patronize these amusement parks despite the risks involved, legislation of the kind that we are introducing here to prevent accidents, at least, by the early identification of unsafe amusement rides is deemed essential to the well-being of the Filipino people.

Creation of AISB

This proposed legislation, therefore, seeks to create an Amusement Industry Safety Board, in line with the State's policy to recognize the vital role of the youth in nation-building and to promote and protect their physical, if not, their moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being, too.

The Amusement Industry Safety Board, among other things, shall ensure the safe operation and maintenance of rides and devices, the safety of riders against direct and indirect hazards in amusement parks, and the protection not only of the patrons of those amusement parks but also of the general welfare of their operators and of the amusement industry at large.

Sole Regulating Body

The Amusement Industry Safety Board shall serve as the sole national regulating body on all matters pertaining to amusement rides and devices.

This legislation was prepared in conjunction with the Committee on Local Government and the Committee on Finance, with Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago as my co-authors. Furthermore, this is a substitute bill which consolidates Senate Bill No. (SBN) 254 by Sen. Trillanes IV, and SBN 2255 by Sen. Santiago.

AISB duties

The Amusement Industry Safety Board is tasked to promulgate national policies, implementing rules and regulations, and safety standards for the effective implementation of this proposed measure including the adoption of internationally accepted safety standards on amusement parks and rides.

The Board shall also conduct training and issue accreditation to amusement safety inspectors; coordinate with LGUs to investigate accidents or injuries; review orders for summary closure or stoppage of unsafe amusement parks; develop and conduct information dissemination campaigns and safety programs to the public; and exercise other powers and functions as enumerated in the proposed legislation and as may be assigned to it by the President.

The proposed legislation likewise provides for the creation of an Amusement Industry Safety Standards Advisory Council, and assigns certain responsibilities to LGUs.


The Amusement Industry Safety Board, by way of regulation, shall adopt internationally recognized standards, recommendations, and set of procedures or guidelines to further ensure the quality and safety of amusement rides and devices.

The proposed legislation also enumerates general safety requirements, insurance requirements, and rides operator requirements for owners of amusement parks, rides, or devices.

Furthermore, regular safety inspections of amusement rides and devices must be conducted by an amusement ride inspector duly accredited by the Board.

The Board, by way of regulation, shall issue a schedule of administrative fines for violations of any provisions of the proposed Code.


It is likewise the policy of the State to recognize the indispensable role of the private sector and encourage private enterprise. To this end, the State shall provide fiscal incentive systems to encourage needed investments and to reward performance of the business sector contributing to economic development.

Thus, the proposed legislation seeks to provide tax incentives on the importation of amusement ride devices, equipment, and machineries; penalties on illegal importation; and loan provisions for mobile operators or peryahan operators.


Mr. President, considering the vital role of the youth in nation-building and the need for us lawmakers to enact legislation that will promote policies that protect their holistic well-being, I request the expeditious approval of this measure.

Salamat po.

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