Press Release
January 6, 2013

Only Those in Police Uniform Should Carry Firearms - Legarda

In light of the tragic gun-related incidents at the start of 2013, Senator Loren Legarda said that as part of much-needed gun control reforms, only those in police or military uniform should be allowed to carry firearms.

"It is high time that we enact bold and encompassing gun control reforms in this country. Let us heighten monitoring, ensure that there are no loose firearms, and impose stricter punishment on those who violate our rules and regulations. Furthermore, we must seriously look into revoking permits to carry firearms issued to civilians," she stressed.

The Senator earlier expressed her deepest condolences to the family of Stephanie Nicole Ella, the very young girl who was a victim of irresponsible gun firing last New Year's Eve.

"Based on initial reports by the Philippine National Police, Nicole was only one of 40 people hit by stray bullets during the first hours of 2013. It is disheartening because not even one person should have been injured or killed through such senseless acts," she noted.

"Let us all take the time to reflect on the recent trends of violence that have plagued not only the Philippines, but other countries as well. Aspiring for a gunless society is a step towards achieving genuine peace, and we must all do our part in making this happen," Legarda concluded.

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