Press Release
January 7, 2013

Sotto opposes total gun ban

Renewed calls for a total gun ban in the Philippines are knee-jerk reactions to the western-style shooting rampage in Kawit, Cavite last Friday that killed eight people and injured nine others. I believe that a total gun ban would not prevent a repeat of the bloodbath but would only exacerbate the already grave peace and order problem in our country.

Even today, responsible gun owners are no match to heavily-armed criminal elements, which the authorities could not seem to confront despite its superior

If we outlaw guns, then only the outlaws will have guns, as the saying goes. The citizenry will be at the mercy of the criminal elements with high-powered guns at their disposal.

The carnage in Cavite is already tragic in itself; it would be more tragic if we disarm responsible gun holders whose only aim in possessing guns is to protect themselves from criminal elements. What happened in Cavite is a reminder that despite all the laws that we have passed, our anti-drug campaign is not making much headway.

The gunman, Ronald Bae, was under the heavy influence of methamphetamine when he went on the killing spree.

According to reports, Bae was a known drug trader in the locality and his house in Kawit was openly used as distribution center for illegal drugs. The question is: Why was Bae not apprehended for illegal drug trafficking so that carnage could have been prevented?

Instead of a total gun ban, the government should instead increase the meager budget of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency so that it could upgrade and update its anti-drug operations. There should also be more coordination and synchronization in the efforts of all agencies involved in the fight against illegal drugs.

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