Press Release
January 15, 2013


During a press briefing earlier today, Senator Edgardo J. Angara said that welcomed any changes to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 that will be enforced by the Supreme Court as it hears the final arguments today.

As the primary author of the measure, Angara said explained that this kind of contention is to be expected when dealing with new, landmark pieces of legislation.

"Cyberspace, and the Internet in general is an entirely new field especially in law. This is unplowed ground for all of us legislators. Any attempt at examining the regulations written in the law are welcome because it expands knowledge and awareness in people." he said.

The veteran legislator had already filed an amendatory bill late last year. However, he said that he would await the decision of the courts before setting a public hearing in the Senate to discuss the proposed changes.

Senate Bill 3315 filed last October proposes to amend some provisions of the Cybercrime Law. The amendatory bill repeals the higher penalties for online crime, puts in the requirement of a court order for the takedown of suspected websites, and strengthens the exclusionary rule providing that seizure of evidence should adhere strictly to lawful procedures.

"The Supreme Court would have the final say on the matter of the TRO. I am still optimistic, though, that the SC would uphold the measure as a whole provided that we change the problematic provisions. I am confident that they will see that this law is truly necessary to protect the millions of legitimate Internet users in our country," said Angara.

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