Press Release
January 16, 2013


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago (see press release this morning) was diagnosed as suffering from hypertension causing some of the blood vessels in her right eye to burst, according to Dr. Rodolfo Chuanico, her ophthalmologist.

At press time, according to Elsie Gayo, a registered nurse who works in Santiago's office, Santiago's blood pressure was 190/115. At this writing, the nurse is contacting Dr. Esperanza Cabral, a cardiologist, who is Santiago's personal physician.

After the TV show, Santiago stayed for photos with the TV staff, her right eye noticeably red, and with red blood clots around the pupil.

Apparently, Santiago developed hypertension after appearing on the early morning TV show "Headstart" with host Karen Davila.

During the interview, which was very funny in part but sometimes very angry in part, Santiago discussed her position that the Christmas gift from Enrile of some P2 million in public funds to every senator is unconstitutional and unethical.

Santiago was visibly agitated when she accused Enrile of making personal attacks on her which, according to her, is not allowed in decent society.

Santiago has been advised to rest the eye, and to continue with hypertensive medication. Enrile, who is 89 years old, recently accused Santiago of frequent illness.

Santiago admitted that she has been absent for certain periods of time, because of hypothyroidism and later because of hypertension, during the recent impeachment trial.

Her blood pressure was taken daily during the impeachment trial by the official Senate doctor and nurse.

"It is below the belt to attack me on the basis of my ailments. That is unchristian and beyond the bounds of play," she said.

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